About Open Chiang Mai, creatively designed and managed by GoMew Company Limited has become one of the largest English website, broadcasting everything in Chiang Mai such as news, events, places, accommodations, food guides, travels, stories, etc.
Why OpenChiangMai?
1. is the most popular website in Chiang Mai, appeared the first ranking with the top ten ranking from There are more than 30,000 page views per month.
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3. SPECIFIED TARGET: Our specified target group is people who want to get information about travelling and living, products and all the services of Chiang Mai.
4. ADVERTISING: Internet advertising is a two ways marketing tool that can check the results from customers, numbers of viewers and all the comments. You can analyse in order to improve the products and services.
5. FULL SERVICE: We offer a full service. This being marketing counselling, giving suggestions about advertisements, creating ideas that will promote your products or business for full potential.
6. is always up to date in every situation, because of our dedicated report team.
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