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Gomew, - we are the New Generation Group of IT professionals and web designers who are leading the way in online business in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Gomew specializes in web design, web hosting, domain name registration, and graphic design including all required website business solutions. Gomew serves you with your requirements by delivering the best possible solutions for your business whilst maintaining a reasonable cost and budget conscious application. We take pride in providing our best services in helping you to promote your business or company, and we extend that support and professionalism to you after your work has been completed work so you can rest assured of optimum performance of your site at all times 24/7. That's probably the main reason why so many existing and new clients trust us with their critically important online presence design and support so that they can get on with the things that they do best and leave the technically creative work to us.

Gomew was established in September, 2004,- and initially we focused on freelance work. Our reputation of skill and ability quickly spread and we very soon found ourselves overwhelmed with client enquiries. This then required us to expand our team and to formalize our business activity by registering as a legal partnership under Thai law. Now we enjoy providing our services to an international showcase and we have grown to a level where we now expertly service a list of very satisfied clients from various countries of the world as well as from our hometown of Chiangmai, Bangkok, and many other provinces throughout Thailand.

Gomew Registration

Gomew Co., Ltd. - Commercial Code Number 0507314802829 

Gomew Team

At present, we have one project manager, one web designer and one web programmer. They're all specialists in their field and together we can help you achieve your online goals with an outstanding web presence. We are a dedicated team that many business professionals and individuals have come to rely upon and trust for their critically important website and creative design projects.

 Govit Thatarat : Tong (Webmaster, Project Manager)
Tong graduated from Ramkamhaeng University, Bangkok with a bachelor degree in Law major. However, Tong's passion and specialty is in website design and construction. After several years with one of Thailand's most famous websites Kapook.com he went on to succeed with his own website design company. Tong is a man who has had a love of computer; programming and creative design his entire life. From a humble start as a webmaster he progressed steadily to become a website project manager until finally making the natural and successful progression to be the co-owner of his own exciting and thriving business enterprise, - Gomew.

 Janejira Thatarat : Mew (Web Designer, Graphic Designer)
Mew graduated from King Mungkut Institute of technology Ladkrabung with a bachelor degree of Industrial Product Design.She worked for Success Media (Public) Co. Ltd. and be part of the writer the books of Photoshop6, Photoshop6+CD, Photoshop Workshop6, Opera. Then she moved to be in Chiang Mai and worked with Layout magazines at "Passport to Suvannaphoum". She started her Internet & web design career working with the Internet Publishing Business and then she went on to be the website designer after they realized what a valuable asset she was. In fact, Mew created the most important and valued website for that company and then she proceeded to create her own websites, artist websites, product websites and government websites. Mew rapidly progressed to become an elite specialist in website design and in the graphic design field.


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